Wedding Photo-Preview Books
The wedding book provided within the package is hardcover showing images in a variety of sizes including full page and double page spreads or images in series. This album is your quality printed record telling the story of your celebration. The print quality is excellent using a minimum 170gm digital paper with a robust binding and finish. Additional copies of this album showing the set of images from your shoot will be available at charge. Such an album will show well over 200 images from a days shoot. Examples are available to handle.

The Photo-Preview book makes it far easier to select the images you want included in a special production album and to decide which prints should be given prominence in your album once you've chosen a suitable style and quality. It will also help you decide on those special framed prints and other products.So if you want a crafted framed picture then a variety of top quality frames in a wide range of sizes is available including contemporary acrylic, canvas and gallery wall mountable photographs of your celebration.

Celebratory Photobooks
Although I've described the preview books as wedding albums they are adaptable in style to convey the unique nature of your ceremony whether a traditional wedding, partnership, renewal of vows or other keepsake event.

The Book
You may as noted wish to select a number of images from your preview book to create a hand crafted luxurious album with a range of personal touches. These books are at the pinnacle of wedding documents and vary in price and size from 80 images and from £600 upwards.

Perhaps you prefer a coffee table style album complete with presentation case. A wide range is available and personal touches added making them unique.

And of course it may be images from other celebrations and shoots you wish to keep and display in these ways.

We can discuss the range of top quality keepsakes available to keep your memories fresh.
Preview Album - provided within the core package
Wedding Albums, Mini-albums & Coffee Table Books
Wall Display, Canvas, Tri-folds, Framed prints and more


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