Web Albums
Albums of your images can be provided on the internet within the basic services package unless you say otherwise. The most cost effective way to obtain a complete set of printed images is purchase of an album. Click here to see album information.  Your wedding packages includes one high-quality printed preview album of all images.

TIMESCALE: web albums are usually posted within a week of the images being made unless you wish publication delayed until a date you specify.

A disc/usb of all the images suitable for display on computer and TV is included. Additional discs/usb are priced at £25 if you prefer me to make copies for you. The disc I provide you can be copied. These images are suitable for social networking and similar sites.

Video Montage
A montage of selected images of your celebration in a video slideshow to music is published on-line and provided on dvd/usb.

Prints, Personalised Art & Wall Displays
Loxley Colour is the foremost, top specification image provider & album producer in the UK satisfying my clients with top quality albums in a range of styles. Loxley is teamed up with SmugMug and now I provide your images in albums at wyrdlight.net so you can choose prints, posters, framed images, canvas', acrylics, desk-top prints and more on-line at various price points and have them delivered to your door. Simple. These products are available via on-line albums viewed publicly or password accessed.

Thank You Cards
Thank You Cards using any image from the event and overlaid with a message you choose can be provided as can tri-fold and post cards.

Payment through PayPal through the dedicated link on this site is available. However electronic bank transfer is preferred.
Further details about secure on-line payment is shown on the Payments Page.

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