The Studio may be hired as a stand-alone service for celebrations and is an optional service within the paid core wedding package. The Studio is used mainly to provide high-key images of people standing out from a bleached white background, although other background colours are possible. This background works well with a variety of style and colour of clothing. Used at weddings, parties and events it's a way to ensure you have an image of everyone in their celebratory outfits presented in the manner they would wish. It is suitable for photographs of individuals, couples, trio's, children and parents and children.

The mini-Studio requires a strict minimum of 5x6 metres floor space and according to subject at least a 2.5 metre ceiling height, indoors in a suitable space. At weddings it is probably best used once the main ceremony photography of the day is captured..

Mains electrical powered lights are used together with various stands, tripods and other equipment and therefore the studio must be set-up in an area enabling safe use.

Points to consider.
  • weddings - my time is devoted to recording your event. While I'm photographing guests at the mini-Studio I'm not recording whatever else is happenning hence the timing of use of the mini-Studio is therefore important and thats why its usual to use it after the reception and while the evening entertainment is in progress.
  • it takes an hour or so to set up the mini-Studio. The time to dismantle the mini-Studio isn't an issue as this is done once the days photography is complete.
  • the mini-Studio is not suitable for taking large group photographs. Making these images if needed should be planned into the days shoot.

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