Great War Display Team
Some of the replica aircraft flown by pilots of the GWDT


Nieuport 17
Star of the 2006 Fly Boys film


Junkers CL 1
"Schlachtflugzeug"  1918


Fokker Dr1 Tri-plane
Flown by aces Richtofen & Voss

Junkers CL 1
Mercedes powered, 2 Spandau & 1 Parabellum gun


Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a


Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a
Flown by aces Bishop Mannock Hawker McCudden

Sopwith Triplane
N500 1916 Tripehound Royal Naval Air Service


Dog Fight WW1
Nieuport 17 pursues Fokker Dr1


Nieuport 17
1916 French Air Service markings