Traditional Religious & Civil Funerals
Funerals are among the occasions when families and friends who may not have gathered for many years draw together. Funerals, like weddings, are significant events however unlike the Victorians we have become reticent about recording them and yet they may be a rare occassion bringing people together with a common purpose.

I do not use flash and work sensitively in keeping with the particular ambience and mood of the occasion. Dignified group and family photographs are at your discretion and / or I work unobtrusively recording the occasion as it takes place.
I am able to work in conjunction with the Funeral Director or Celebrant or follow your instruction directly, whichever you prefer. Paramount are the wishes and beliefs of the deceased, you and family.

The fee for photography within the Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire area is £850 covering the ceremony itself and includes a suitably styled A4 Photo Book recording all appropriate images. All these images are provided to you on disc/usb from which you may have prints made as you choose.

If you prefer to have prints made for you or buy other image services this can be done through password-only image sets at

A retaining fee of £50 is payable at the time of booking. This and the balance can be paid easily through my payments page.

Send me your contact details and I'll telephone you or if you prefer respond to any questions by email. I am able to work effectively under the direction of your Director or Celebrant if you prefer and I will need their contact details. Click here to Contact Me.


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